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Bivash Saniel

I am 41 yr old and come from Purulia one of the districts which has a sizeable number of Leprosy Patients I had grown up hearing stories of Leprosy patients and their problems. I know most of the leprosy affected families whose children are residing at
Udayan, as many of them live in the Leprosy colony of Simonpur (named
after Simon the Leper) five minutes’ walk from my home in
Purulia. Twenty years ago when I was a college student I came in
contact and was impressed with the Rev.James Stevens’ work for
children of leprosy patients, his dedication and his sacrifice has
been an inspiration for me ever since. I have worked for Udayan in
several capacities and at the moment I am serving Udayan in the
capacity of Honorary Secretary. Working for Udayan is almost a
vocation for me.

I joined the West Bengal School service in 1998 and have worked in
three schools in the districts of Bankura and Howrah, at present I am
working as the Head master of The Scottish Church Collegiate School, a
missionary institution set up by the Church of Scotland in 1830. I
usually visit Udayan once a month. My wife Sumi Angelina works for the
Unit Trust of India, My son Aaron is eleven years old and my daughter
Irene is eight.On the eleventh of March this year I was awarded the
‘Most Inspiring Teacher’ by the Governor of Chattisgarh, Dr.Sekhar
Dutt at the India International Centre,New Delhi.