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Towards A Brighter future for just INR 100,000

A little boy was spotted standing beside the humble hut waiting for his parents to return from their daily work of  labour. He is left all alone in the house with the responsibility to look after his other two siblings. He dreams big in his solitude ,but finds no clue how to accomplish it. But luck was in his favour. He was spotted by the Udayan survey team at the leprosy colony of Titagarh. Seeing his deplorable condition where his father was a leprosy patient, and hardly had any income to sustain the family, the little boy was adopted at Udayan home in the year 2004, with the aim to gift him a future which every child has the right to deserve. This is how the story of Bikash Roy began. Bikash  has always been an obedient student. He passed Class – X Board Examination with a descent grade. He has appeared for Class- XII Board Examination this year ( 2014). Bikash aspires to take up technical training after Class XII. His assiduous nature has always helped him to succeed in his every endeavor.

“My father is a leprosy patient and I feel no shame in admitting it. I have seen poverty from my childhood and how it can cripple ones childhood. I value the help provided to me by Udayan” – Bikash