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Your contribution of INR 1000 per child per month will help them to continue education

They are a band of 5 young faces , seen sitting together in the study room and studying hard. When asked by some visitors they promptly answered that they are preparing for their forthcoming Class X Board Examination. You may wonder what make them so noteworthy from any others. However as you engage into conversation with these young souls, you delve into greater details and will find out that their lives have not been smooth sailing. They share a common background- they are the children of leprosy patients. Though born healthy these children were ostracized from the society which made their life difficult . They were not entertained at school, not allowed to play with other children and thus remained confined within their own dark world.

Their life took a new turn when they got admission at Udayan in the year 2003- 2004. For the first time they got exposed to formal education. As years passed they gained their lost confidence, grew up to be mischievous and playful and thus their childhood got restored. Md. Mustafa, Rishav Iyer, Probhat Karmakar, Gourav Rajwar and Priyanka Mahato appeared for Class X Board Examination this year. Their parents who are leprosy patients are very proud to see their children growing up as educated young adults.

Rishav who come from Purulia – the most arid zone of West Bengal, dreams big to complete his higher education and take up a Government job to support his family. His father who is a leprosy patient earns a living by hawking goods on the streets. Rishav wishes to gift his father a happy retired life.

Md.  Mustafa came from Gandhi Prem Niwas which is run by Missionaries of Charity at Titagarh. His father Md Salim is a leprosy patient and is under treatment for the last eight years. Mustafa is an average student  and takes part in all sort of extra-curricular activity like singing, games etc . Mustafa will continue to pursue higher education

Gaurav’s mother who was a leprosy patient was foresighted enough to send his son to Udayan with the hope to secure his son’s future. Today Gaurav has lived up to his mother’s expectation by successfully completing Class X, Board Examination. Gaurav will continue to pursue higher education and wishes to get get admission for Class XI.

Priyanka is the only hope for her parents. Life has not awarded her parents with luck as her mother became physically challenged after amputation of her legs due to leprosy. Her father who is also a leprosy patient has to bear the burden of the family. They now see the rays of hope through their daughter who has successfully appeared for Class X, Board Examination. As every cloud has  a silver lining, so they believe their good days will come back soon. Priyanka wishes to continue her education by getting admission in Class -XI.

Prabhat’s parents never thought that their son will get an opportunity to go to school. Now their dream has come true as they see Prabhat successfully completing  Class X , Board Examination. Prabhat is confident enough to continue his studies and will get admission in Class XI.